Steampack® - use of steam guarantees freshness and food safety

Innovation is one of BBS Food’s spearheads. We make continuous efforts to develop new convenience products and processes in response to consumer demands, for example for freshness, food safety and ease of use.

We work closely together with partners and customers. We proudly present our latest innovation: Steampack®. 

Steampack® - use of steam guarantees freshness and food safety

Steampack® is a new packaging method for convenience meat products. Unlike meat products that are cooked sous-vide, with Steampack® the products are packaged immediately after they have been grilled, while they are cooked through and still hot. During the vacuum-packaging hot steam is blown over the grilled product and the film. The meat products retain their flavour and structure. This high-care packaging process guarantees maximum food safety and quality. Direct pasteurisation in the packaging minimises handling.

Prepare the product quickly and easily by heating it in an oven, combi-steamer, au-bain-marie or a microwave oven. Steampack® meat products will increase your turnover and margins!


The advantages of Steampack® for food service and food retail in a row:

  • Superfresh presentation

  • Authentic grilled flavour & structure (no secondary pasteurisation)

  • Optimum hygiene (no handling)

  • Quick final preparation for cooks or consumers

  • Suitable for both coolfresh and deepfrozen products

  • Always the same portions or dimensions

  • Long shelf life

  • Guaranteed food safety

  • 100% free of salmonella

  • Private label

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